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~Are You Elegant Eye Candy?~

Sugarcoated and Sweet...Highly Elite!

~A Community for the B-e-a-u-tiful~
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to eleganteyecandy. A wonderful and new community for all of you amazing girls with charm, elegance, and style. Although this community is for the “eye candy” anyone who feels they are truly beautiful inside AND out may apply. And please do  We want you to. We’re about showing people how we are lovely young ladies...so come on  Click join community and apply for eleganteyecandy today  Hope to see you back again, and good luck

First of all, I’d like this to be a community with a small amount of rules. I don’t want this to be a place where you are constantly worrying about what you can and cannot do. However, certain internet users and posters have forced communities such as this to take action and enforce more rules. Like any rating community, the guidelines are pretty much the same. We’re not going to have any problems now will we?

1. After joining the community you have 3 days (72 hours) to post your application. Since this is a small community as of now, I can easily tell who has recently joined. Get it up A.S.A.P! we really want to vote!

2. Please post application under an lj-cut! Any applicant posting without a cut will be asked one time to fix it. After that application will be deleted and no third chance will be given. Don’t know how to use lj-cuts? Ask and I’ll be happy to give you further instructions. In the lj-cut line please make the text say "Elegance?" So we know to vote on you!

3. In the subject line please put "Will I Give you a Cavity?" to prove you read the rules, and we’ll know when to vote.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO nudity! You will be banned in a second and reported for lj abusel. None of us are THAT interested in how you look.

5. Applicants must be of 13 years old. (Maturity is a must)

6. Do not post any entries until you have been stamped by me. Posts made by non stamped applicants will result in removal from the community. If you haven’t been stamped in a matter of 4 days, contact me.

7. When filling out the application, please delete excess questions. (Just to save space and make it look cleaner.)

8. Do not harass/bash/or argue with accepted members, and especially me. It’s stupid and pointless. We will win, and bashing us will only make us hate you more. You can count on yourself banned or rejected by bashing.

9. Use proper grammar. In other words, Don’t TyP Lyk DiS. Ughhh

10. Lastly, keep in mind this is a rating community. We understand you have feelings too, but we are going to be entirely honest with you. Famous words are "If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen!" Same goes with here...if you can’t take opinions, don’t apply. If you do apply, and get a few no’s don’t delete your application. I will ban you. It’s not to embarrass you, it’s the rules.

1. PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE More members=more fun. For now, while the community is small, promote wherever possible.

2. I WILL allow promoting. Personally, I think it’s a great way to find out about other communities like us. Promotions MUST be under an lj-cut or will be deleted. Please keep promoting to a minimum and it would be greatly appreciated if you could promote us back, too

3. Please stay active. Applicants need voters and this community needs to expand You have the say in whether or not you want someone. So be entirely honest

4. Pictures must behind a cut

5. Be sure to place an acceptance stamp in your info

When you’ve been accepted...feel free to do as you choose. It’s up to you Im always looking for new ideas, themes, or layout ideas. Without you, the community would be nothing. Have fun!

Section 1*Basics* (The easy stuff you gotta go through...)

  1.  Name:

  2.  Age:

  3.  Location:

  4. Sexuality

  5. Natural Hair Color/Piercing/Tattoos:

  6. Your Dream Occupation

Section 2*Getting to Know You* All of your favorites. (PLEASE be entirely honest!)

  1.  Favorite Clothing Stores:

  2.  Favorite Brands:

  3.  Music Artists:

  4.  Food/Drink:

  5.  Television Shows:

  6.  Movies:

  7.  What sports or hobbies to you do for fun:

Section 3*Political Views* (Had to do this hehe)

1. George Bush or John Kerry:

Section 4

*Basic Opinion* (Please select one of four basic opinions. Be sure to state your opinion well)

  1.  Abortion:

  2.  Gay Marriage:

  3.  The Death Penalty:

  4.  Eating Disorders/Self Image:

Section 5*Fun/Random/Choice Questions*(Please select ONE of the four choices. Remember that doing more will get you brownie points!)

  1.  Your monthy issue of Seventeen arrives in the mail. Along with it is a letter stating you’ve been the lucky reader to receive the dress of your dreams. It could be a celebrity dress or simply a sundress. Post a picture of the dress you choose.

  2.  Post a photo that describes your life.

  3.  You have a great date for the biggest dance of the year. You’re having a good time when all of the sudden you catch him dancing with another girl. How would you handle this?

  4.  If you could spend a day with anyone person dead or alive, who would you spend it with and why?

Section 6* Last but Not Least* (The Essentials for any Good Application)

  1.  Please promote eleganteyecandy in one community or journal and give the link.

  2.  Finally, post or give links to 3-7 clear pictures of yourself. Make sure to point out who you are if you send in photos with multiple people!